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James Gladman is an artist, designer and educator working primarily in time-based electronic media. His practice blurs the division between commercial and experimental categories and often reconfigures one polarity of art and commercial media against the other. Alongside his art practice he has designed film titles, motion graphics, music videos, magazine illustrations, museum exhibit designs, websites, forensic simulations,  interactive kiosks, commercial exhibit designs, and ‘spectacle’ (entertainment) designs. 


As an educator his focus is on building strong technical, critical and creative skills that will sustain students’ careers in a rapidly accelerating global culture, with a focus on understanding social and political issues within their practice.


He is also a founding member of the Medeology Collective, a group of artists and theorists whose artwork is concerned with the cultural, political and technological influence of the mass media in the form of new media digital video performance in public, academic and gallery contexts.

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